Valentina Dini

She got both her residency in Dermatology and Venereology (2005) and her PhD degree in Immunology and Biotechnology of Transplantation (2009) at University of Pisa, Italy where she is currently researcher at the Dermatology Unit – Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Her main research interests are focused on Tissue Repair of Chronic Wounds, all aspects of Translational Research in Wound Healing and Psoriasis. The major part of her activities was focused on setting up her laboratory of Non-invasive Diagnostic Techniques for skin assessment. She has ongoing collaborations with the Rheumatology Unit and the Chemistry Unit of the University of Pisa in a variety of pre-clinical and clinical studies. Her scientific accomplishments resulted in numerous publications in prominent scientific journals. She continues to dedicate her efforts to research and education through supervising clinical care of the Unit’s residents and providing clinical and dermatopathology teaching cases as well as frequently participating in research projects and teaching in national and international conferences. President of the International School of Tissue Repair (SIRTES, Pisa, Italy) since 2010. She is the author of several papers and lectures to international conferences and chapters in international books. Member of the editorial board of Acta Vulnologica, Chronic wound care and Research journals.