Kylie Sandy Hodgetts

Director Skin Integrity Research Institute (SKINRI), UWA
Senior Research Fellow, School of Biomedical Sciences, Burn Injury Research Unit, University of Western Australia
Founder and President, International Surgical Wound Complications Advisory Panel (ISWCAP) (global NFP)
Australian National Lead, Australian Health Research Alliance Wound Initiative (Federal Gov); surgical wound complications advisory panel
Past Chair, Board Wounds Australia (2017-2019) (NFP)
Inaugural Deputy Chair, Board Wounds Australia (2016-2017)
International Committee Board Member, World Union of Wound Healing Societies (2015-present)
Council Member European Wound Management (EWMA) (2015-2018)
Board Member EWMA Cooperating Organisations (2015-2018)
Board Member, Institute of Skin Infection and Prevention, University of Huddersfield
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

Dr Sandy-Hodgetts is a Senior Research Fellow, Clinical trialist and Chief Investigator of a programme of research into early identification and prevention of surgical wound complications. Dr Sandy-Hodgetts research programme is multi-centred and is conducted across national and international healthcare settings. The programme of research conducted at the Skin Integrity Research Institute (SKINRI) comprises Phase I-IV clinical trials with bedside translation and validation of research findings. She has recently founded the International Surgical Wound Complications Advisory Panel (ISWCAP), a global not for profit organisation to raise awareness of the early identification and prevention of surgical wound complications around the globe. As the founder of ISWACP, she has established a panel of directors that span the Asia-Pacific Rim, Australasia, Canada, Europe, UK, India, Africa and the US to drive change in research and clinical practice in surgical wound healing.
Dr Sandy-Hodgetts co-chaired the WUWHS International Consensus document; surgical wound dehiscence improving prevention and outcomes, launched in 2017, as a result of her doctoral research. She has since co-authored two other consensus documents in the surgical wound healing field and has participated as invited expert reviewer for over 4 international clinical guidelines. She has over 20 peer-reviewed publications as first author and is an editorial board member for the Journal of Wound Care and is a regular peer reviewer for BMJ Open, JWC, IWJ.
Dr Sandy-Hodgetts was recognised for her contribution to the field of wound healing research in 2018 as the recipient of the Journal of Wound Care Best Clinical Research 2018 Award, an international peer reviewed award as well as second placing for Innovation in Surgical Site Infection 2019. More recently, she has lead the development of the ISWCAP Best Practice Statement on early identification and prevention of surgical wound complications, launched in March 2020 and currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese.