Jong-Won Rhie

Personal Information
Name: Jong-Won Rhie Professor, MD. Ph.D.
Medical Specialist: Plastic Surgeon
Professor ; Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital College of Medicine,The Catholic University of Korea
Director of 3D bio- printing center
Chief of skin cancer and melanoma clinic.

Academic Career
2002.3 – present: Professor, Director of Plastic Surgery in Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic Univ. of Korea
2006.3 – 2012 : Chairman ; Dept. of Plastic Surgery, College of Medicine, The Catholic Univ. of Korea,
Research Interests
*Surgical treatment of plastic surgery part.( Congenital anomaly on face, Malignant melanoma and skin tumor, Abdominoplasty, aesthetic surgery, postburn contracture release)
*Adipose derived stem cells, tissue engineering
*Chronic wound, bedsore regeneration
*Pressure Ulcer :prevention, pathogenesis, treatment.,
*Surgical site inection,
*3D bioprinting research,

  • Scar managementt

Academic Activities
2015-present President of Stem cell Tissue Regeneration Society
2015- 2015 President of Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society
2013- 2016 President, Korean Wound Management Society
2011-2013 Board examination committee chairman; Korean Society for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
1993-present: International Society for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Member
2004- 2006 Editorial committee Chairman; Korean Society for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Editor-in-Chief: Official Journal of Korean Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Educational committee Chairman: Korean Wound healing Society