Jassin Hamed

Born In Hamburg, Germany on November 16th 1962.
MD 06/05/1991, Specialization in Emergency Mdicine, Internal Medicine, Diabetology and wound care, with training in nutritional medicine, palliative care and pain management.
Recently I returned after a 10 years tenure at Sheikh Khalifa Medical in Abu Dhabi, UAE back to Germany after serving as senior consultant in Internal Medicine. During these years I managed the Outpatient Specialty Center as medical director from 2013 till 2017, established a prcedure room, standards of care in acute medicine and guided the wound care team to a holistic approach in a multidisciplinary team.
Meanwhile my team and I are founding a clinic in Abu Dhabi for homecare, wound care and telemedicine with a special commitment to education of health care providers and families.